MM. 01.14022021

Eva Gonzalez,

Woman Awakening

1876, oil on canvas.


of aquarius


intuitive astrology


This month I started off with the celebration of Imbolc, which marks the returning of Light and fertility. After a long hibernation in the Dark, which I used to relax, release, and rejuvenate, I feel my body, mind and soul slowly waking up again. Not able to go into full force yet, but that’s the Magic of Aquarius Season; I don’t have to.

For me, Aquarius Season is about revival, a restoration to life and/or consciousness. Also known as the water bearer, it reminds me of the delicate balance between slowing down and moving forward.


When going too slow, I will never be able to bring water (= spiritual food/life) to my community on divine time. But when going too fast, I’m sure to spill all of the water in my cup. Arriving empty-handed. That’s why I honor this precious time of revival. Only by devoting time, space, and energy to myself, I can refill my cup and restore to life and consciousness. You know what they say, never pour from an empty cup.

Valentine’s Day

reminds us to share our love and abundance. Not just with each other, but also with ourselves. If we tend to our own space and learn to trust our relationship with our environment, that’s when we grow abundance. It takes boldness to require wealth, and discipline to become self-reliant. Thus, if we lovingly invest in learning how to refill our cups independently, that’s when we’ll pour from a cup ever-overfloweth.

For that reason, I’m using this time to re-start my engines. Shedding off the dust and ashes of my old Self, and giving myself a proper warming up before I go out, about and blossoming this upcoming Spring.

“And just as the Phoenix rose from the ashes, she too will rise. 
Returning from the flames, clothed in nothing but her strength,

more beautiful than ever before.” - Shannen Heartzs

This is my revival. 

xx Rachella Raquel