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The Earth Goddess Ritual

MM. 03.13032021


earth goddess

abundance ritual

“Wine and dine yourself to all the abundance and love there is.”

The Earth Goddess is an oil that lets you ground excessive energy and reinforces the strength of your Root Chakra.

Luckily, this oil can also be used for you money ritual. Since this Pisces Season hosted the Full Moon in Virgo, it provides an excellent energy for manifestation.


Virgo is an Earth sign and Earth represents wealth, abundance and creation. The Earth is rich in soil and resources, everything can grow. Do note that this is a vast, steady and slow money movement. Just like  Taurus in the Second House, it is slow in accumulation. Yet steady and progressive, as the vision is fixed. This abundance ritual invites the frequency of abundance entering your life, so you can slowly, but surely steadily build your legacy. 


Because most women are taught through society, religion, and institutions to feel subconsciously unworthy, we are often unable to receive and give ourselves some proper self-love and -care. By creating this oil I want to empower each and every woman out there to receive all the abundance and love there is.


“I will not apologize for choosing myself this time—

self-love is the chapter I always wanted to write”.

- s.r.w.


For this ritual, you will need a gold or green candle, and some paper to write down your intention(s). Personally, I like to write with a red pencil in my petitions as it represents speed, power and strength. Then carve your name into the candle or attach some DNA to the candle. 



Optional; Herbs to strengthen your ritual, this roughly gives you an idea what herb you can use for a general money ritual.

  • Patchouli - Signifies 3D wealth, abundance

  • Cloves - Attracts wealth

  • Dragon Blood - For protection of the ritual and add speed

  • Bay Leaves - For granting wishes of your desired intention

  • Rose Petals/Buds - Self-Love, Abundance, Luck, Protection

  • Nutmeg - For prosperity and luck

  • Red Clover - Financial wealth especially good for loans

  • Basil - For Business wealth

  • Alfafa - For keeping the money flow coming 

  • Calendula - Succes, Luck and Power of the Sun

  • 24K gold leaves - Representing physical abundance

  • Shredded money - Signifies financial wealth


You can mix any of these herbs together to anoint the candle. I always choose intuitively what herbs I am going to use, and I highly suggest you do the same.


For this ritual, I use The Earth Goddess Oil and stack it up with The Cosmic Bliss and The Sacred Prosperity. To amp up the overall abundance and good fortune. If you work with deities, goddesses, ancestors, feel free to call them up for assistance. Venus, Lakshmi, Oshun, and Erzulie are powerful goddesses that can help with abundance work. I also burn my homemade incense for ritual work (but you can use any suitable incense too), and I select the Moon’s ruling hour to do my ritual. 


From Intention into Action

  • Anoint your candle (which represents you) from bottom to top with the oils. Bless and speak your intention(s) to activate the candle, to seal the energy and intention in. 

  • Do the same for the herb and oils, and tell them what they can do for you. 

  • Place the candle in a candle holder. 

  • Slip your petition paper beneath the candle holder.

  • Bless and activate your petition paper. 

  • Lit the candle and bless your flame. Now meditate and visualize your intentions. Feel them. If you get any insight, remember them. If you see any visions, note them down. This could be helpful in how to obtain money/opportunities, or to even remove the blockages you currently have. Paying (extra) attention to your dreams could also be very helpful. 

  • As soon as your done, let your candle burn. After that, thank your deities etc. for their assistance. 


The most important thing to remember is that these are just guidelines. Always use your own intuition to check how you want to do things and what tools you want to use. 


Hope you enjoy this ritual, and let us know what you think!




The Botanical Alkhemist


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