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John Fobes



The Rising Phoenix




as shared by The Botanical Alkhemist

This ritual helps you to transform and to become the next version of yourself. All transformation starts within yourself. You'll need to do shadow work to see the results of this ritual. I would say that this is an excellent shadow work oil, because it’s intended to release the old version of you and it embodies the energies of Kali and Sekhmet for self-destruction in its best sense. In order to become the next best version of you, your ego needs to be destroyed at some point in order to reborn again.

If you are working with any Crone Goddess or other Dark Goddesses that help you with transformation, feel free to connect with them for assistance. This oil works especially well when you are doing any kind of shadow work.

Candle Magick

Take a red candle, which will represent you. Red is the color of Power, Transformation, Strength, Courage and represents



Blood - Shakti - Our Divine Life Force 



Fire is the Power of Transformation. Carve your name in the candle or attach your DNA (hair/blood) on the candle. Anoint the oil onto the candle and bless this with your power and grace. 

Opting for some Herbs

This is optional; I love working with Herbs, since I'm very connected to the Earth. You can use any of these herbs listed below and sprinkled in clockwise motion around the candle:

  • Rose petals - symbolize Protection, Self-Love and the Divine Feminine

  • Calendula - helps with transformation and transition - it’s also the offering flower for our Ancestors

  • Blue Lotus - helps with opening locks - in Ancient Khemet (Egypt)  it’s regarded as a very spiritual herb

  • Jasmin - Energy of the Moon, helps in transition as well and amplifies spiritual energies and intuition

It’s important to bless and activate each herb with your own magical powers and give instruction how it may help you. Plants are intelligent species, the Mycelium network of shrooms is the perfect example of this; a huge underground network is just below our feet!

What you can also opt for is to surround your candle with fresh deep red roses. The fresh roses represents you right now and when it dries up, it’s a synthetical alkhemic transition of Death and Rebirth. You can place the big rose buds surrounding the candle. And again, bless it and speak your intention what it may help you to do. For example, get you into this transformation process as gently and lovingly possible. 

Speaking Things Into Existence

You will activate the candle by speaking your incantation/intention, by holding the candle in your hands, for example:


“With this candle I intend to burn away these _____ blockages and remove them from my subconsciousness permanently.


By the time this candle burns down, these blockages will be gone. Thank you (fill in a dark goddess you resonate with) for assisting me with letting go of the past and what no longer serves me.


I am ready to become the next best version of myself and so mote it be!” 


You can use ANY invocation/intention, my experience is always—what comes from your intuition will always be the strongest.

Lit your candle with another incantation if you wish. Mine is:


Fire of transformation

I begin this initiation

bring me to my next level of being

grant me wisdom and the foresight of seeing


When your candle is lit, you will do a meditation and ask your Spirit/Goddesses to help you get insights of the things you need to let go. You can simply ask:

"What feelings are submerged in my past that I need to become aware of?”

It could be that you won’t get straight answers on the spot, it can be deeply submerged and may have to do with childhood trauma’s, grief, anxieties, fears, disappointments, broken promises, heartbreaks etc. Our ego main command is to protect us, in much of these traumatic experiences we numb our feelings in order to survive, so it gets stored in your amygdala (the brain fear center).

Every time we are triggered, it activates this fear center. And suddenly get scared, angry for a reason that was happened long time ago. These insights will get pass through dreams, so pay attention to it. If you happen to dream about a train for example and you miss it, it means you are in the wrong direction. If you dream about someone chasing you, it can mean you are not confronting something. These are bits of clues how I experienced this.

Be sure to write down any dreams you have upon awakening to look for any clues. You may even start to experience heavy emotions out of nowhere. That is the sign that your emotions are coming to the surface, and ready to be acknowledged and released.

Calling in the Elements

If you do get answers on the spot, please do purge whatever that is held long in your cellular memory. Acknowledge everything you feel, cry, surrender.

When we do, these emotions will be released. You might need to go to the toilet afterwards, your body starts to detoxify.

I experienced a huge purge of suppressed emotions, as I also channeled Reiki as I felt my Saturn in First House was activated in during a transit. You can work with your transit chart to see when it’s a good time to do shadow work, look for Pluto transiting in water houses. Full Moon and Eclipses also works well, but it can be very heavy and overwhelming.

What I recommenced is, to do shadow work 1 week before your menstrual cycle, as menstruation is an initiation of death and rebirth. 1 week before your cycle, your Psyche gets ready to release what no longer serves you. When you have a heavy cycle with lots of cramps; well girl, you need to release some garbage. You are the most powerful and potent 1 week before and during your cycle. Try rub some of the oils on your Womb and meditate and ask what you may release. 

Releasing Bath Ritual

If you can’t work with the element of Fire. Water will also do; Releasing Bath Ritual. I have found this is extremely powerful as well. Water is also one of my favorite elements to work with in regards to releasing and meditation. As Water represents our Psyche and Emotions.

Simply put the above ingredients (optional) in a sachet in your bath tub. Add some droplets of the oil in your bath. You can surround your bath with crystals and incense as well.


Call upon your Dark Goddess, ask for it assistance and ask the question. Then deeply meditate in bath, you might start to get some real insights and visions. This helps you understand your current pattern and helps you release it. I had extremely powerful visions when I was meditating in bath and could go up to a very ancient past life and understand why some things are the way they are now.


Be sure to journal your experience. You can also expect things to appear in your dreams as well. Since these two rituals are quite intense, be sure to ground yourself afterwards.


Hope you enjoy this ritual and let us know about your experiences! 


The Botanical Alkhemist

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Much, much appreciated!